“Mission Statement”

Unite Mississippi Foundation, Inc. is an organization established to promote unity among people of all races, ethnicities, and religious denominations throughout the entire State of Mississippi. Through this effort for consolidation, it is hoped that revival will be experienced in every area of the state to the degree that it not only changes statistics, but it impacts the growth and condition of our state in every manner possible.

Established on the premise that there is “strength in unity” and that “Love never fails,” Unite Mississippi Foundation will bring together people from all walks of life to work together to make our State a better place to live for everyone.  We will demonstrate love in the form of knowledge, assistance, and communication.  We will provide resources, information and help to those who need it in order to equip many to raise their standard of living to another level so that they, too, may pay it forward.


Collaborations with other nonprofits are being established to reach people in all areas of need and all geographical segments of the State.  We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, but we do want to be an agent that helps it to run more smoothly and cover a great deal more ground.  Unite Mississippi takes a neutral stance on politics, religion, and judgment because we are completely motivated by Love – the unconditional love of our State and the people of this State.  We believe that there is good in everyone, everyone has a purpose, and everyone deserves an opportunity to not only discover their purpose but to walk in it.


Unite Mississippi believes that over the most recent generations, standards have been compromised, and worth has been severely misplaced.  We feel that many things have replaced the love and concern for family and mankind that once existed, and it has been replaced with fear and all of the negative things that are a result of it.  We want to promote love, trust, and support for one another throughout this state until it becomes infectiously contagious.

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